100% Carbon Neutral

Are the Giclee and C-type papers made from sustainable materials?

Our Giclée paper manufactures only use resources from sustainable forest management areas. This programme ensures the preservation and protection of biodiversity, the renewal of the forests habitats and decreasing of the impacts of exploitation of forest areas for future generations. The paper made at their mills is certified for the traceability of the wood fibres from an origin of non-threatened forests. 

 Our c-type prints are printed on Fuji crystal archive paper and processed with Fuji chemistry. Fuji’s production processes operates on exclusively on wind energy and they also generate their own energy with five wind turbines and a large afterburner. They have also pioneered a water purification plant with adjoining companies. Fujifilm adheres to regulation using the S class system that places restrictions on those substances that can and potentially do pose threats to the environment and public health. In recent years there has been an emphasis into the considerations of animal welfare by actively working to engineer different test methods whilst collaborating on research into skin sensitivity. We are aware that the c-type process uses a precious metal, silver as it’s fundamental component to achieve high quality photographic prints. Silver is the raw material used to make the light sensitive emulsion that is suspended on the paper to generate our photographic prints. The silver residue and by-products of the photographic process are valuable raw materials so we extract them and recycle them after the prints have been made.

Are the packaging materials for art & photo print orders sustainable?

Yes, all the packaging used for customer orders are a mixture of sustainably sourced, recyclable or biodegradable.

Are my art print & frame order deliveries carbon neutral?

Yes, we calculate the carbon emissions caused by order deliveries and offset the emissions by investing in renewable energy projects.